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Friday, 15 January 2010

Talk To Strangers

Check out this silly website Omegle. It connects you to random strangers to have awkward conversations with.

Thanks to Jack Smith for pointing this out

Friday Fun: Why not post your funniest conversations below?



  1. Ok I'll get the ball rolling. Here's one I made earlier:

    You: hi
    Stranger: Hiyo.
    You: wassup?
    Stranger: Not much, you?
    You: fuck all really.
    You: any news?
    Stranger: None, do you bring any?
    You: absoultely nothing
    Stranger: We both apparently live very boring lives then.
    You: yes it would seem so.
    Stranger: Although I bet your life is more interesting.
    You: im an astronaut
    Stranger: I'd have to take your word for it.
    You: you?
    Stranger: I'm a dog whisperer.
    You: haha
    You: right im off, silly chat. nice one, made me laugh
    Stranger: kk, nice meeting you.
    Stranger: Cya around.
    Stranger: sta 4ever.
    You have disconnected.

  2. You: happy with life?
    Stranger: Yes.
    You: feel like your where you want to be
    You: like vs your age?
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

  3. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: hoi
    You: I'm watching top gear
    You: you?
    Stranger: i am at school
    You have disconnected.

  4. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    Stranger: 666
    You: are you the devil?
    Stranger: hail hitler!!
    You: fuck me
    Stranger: ...okay
    You: no!
    Stranger: wait what!?
    Stranger: you want this hot body
    Stranger: admit it!
    You: erm. i know nothing about you
    Stranger: well./ i like to scare people on omegle...
    Stranger: and i'm extremely attractive
    You: ok what about this for scaring people........ BO! I'M A FUCKING GHOST!
    Stranger: haha, i'm terrified actually! ;]
    Stranger: so, ghost, are you male or female?
    You: male innit
    You: you blatantly are too
    Stranger: exacalactly
    Stranger: blatantly
    Stranger: good word
    Stranger: are you some pompous intellectual fuck?
    You: yes, how did you know?
    Stranger: i just had a feeling, it's easy to recognize one like myself
    You: so, wanna go for a pint sometime or shall we just end this nonsense like proper men?
    Stranger: well, because of my irish german catholic heratage, i'm inclined to vote for the pint
    You: how the hell are we supposed to go for a pint? the only thing we'll have to talk about is this. 'Sooo, how long have you used Omegle for?' 'Are you going to be on Omegle later?' 'I'm thinking of applying for a job at Omegle' etc etc
    Stranger: why don't you go eat a big bag of shit?
    Stranger: really
    You: I just have, and I'm planning to puke it up onto you, when we meet for that pint!
    Stranger: i refuse to be the source of your gay feces fantasies- go find some one else to give you boners.

  5. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: hi
    Stranger: hey
    You: whats going on?
    Stranger: nothing much.
    Stranger: what's up with you?
    You: my cat's just died, but apart from that nothing
    Stranger: aww
    You: yeah, got it's nose bitten off by a rat. it went septic and i did nothing about it. terrible business
    Stranger: ohh
    Stranger: uh
    Stranger: wow
    You: got any pets? (alive)
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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  7. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
    You: im hungry
    Stranger: fat bitch
    You: i ate a pizza but it hasnt done the job
    You: i think its all the kick boxing I've been doing
    Stranger: well eat some more dumbass
    You: i dont have any more
    Stranger: well go buy some
    You: where?
    Stranger: shop
    You: do you like pizza?
    You: I make em real nice
    Stranger: i love pizza
    You: wanna order a pizza?
    You: we could both order one at the same time
    Stranger: sure where you from?
    You: dominos